UV-C Compact Disinfection lamps

  • Lamps give more than 85% of their energy in the UVC range at 253.7 nm off
  • Lamps operate most efficiently in calm air and an ambient temperature of 25 ° C
  • Ozone free
  • Equivalent to other fluorescent lamps regarding electrical and physical properties
  • For disinfection of drinking water, water in swimming pools, etc.
  • For sterilization of gases, liquids and surfaces, for example hospitals and breweries
  • For deleting the EPROM data storage devices
  • Lamps may only be operated in intended devices, not suitable for general lighting purposes
  • When dealing with UV-C emitting lamps eyes and skin must be protected, all applicable reference and safety guidelines have to be followed and adhered to
Watt Volt Sockel Ausführung Lichtstrom
Größe VPE Stück Article-No
5W 35V G23 CF-S - 1.5W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.180A
ø 28 x L 85 mm 50 26340580
9W 59V G23 CF-S - 2.4W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.170A
ø 28 x L 145 mm 50 26340980
9W 59V 2G7 CF-SE - 2.4W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.170A
ø 28 x L 145 mm 50 26341980
11W 89V G23 CF-S - 3.0W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.160A
ø 28 x L 215 mm 50 26341180
13W 59V GX23 CF-S - 3.6W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.285A
ø 28 x L 170 mm 50 26341380
18W 58V 2G11 CF-L - 5.5W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.375A
ø 40 x L 225 mm 25 26331880
36W 106V 2G11 CF-L - 12.0W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.435A
ø 40 x L 415 mm 25 26333680
55W 103V 2G11 CF-L - 17.0W UV bei 25°C
Lampenstrom 0.540A
ø 40 x L 533 mm 25 26335580