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"There are two ways that lead out of the darkness:

Either you follow the sun,

or you bring light to where you are."


But as the sun has ways of its own, we need artificial light to lengthen our days and illuminate the night, to warm our souls and protect us.

Until the 19th century, a naked flame was the only alternative to daylight. The first electric lamp, a carbon glow lamp, shone its shy light in 1878 and even then, it was only for a few minutes. Today, a civilised existence without artificial light is unthinkable: electric light is as much a part of our everyday lives as water, air and bread. We can even interpret its material side as a physical size. It is composed of tiny particles on the one hand and electromagnetic waves on the other. Its emotional scope is immeasurable, extending from its effect on the human biorhythm, to architectural light planning an art object in itself. For light is far more than a physical and technical phenomenon. It is synonymous with life, health, safety, sensuality and art.

MERKUR lights light up your life.